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About Us

Shooter's Headquarters is a South Carolina based firearms retailer that also offers firearms training. We are primarily an online retailer and do not have a storefront yet, however we do offer direct sales to our local customers and can process background checks (NICS) and complete Form 4473. We operate outside of Belton about 3 miles west of Highway 25. We also do transfers for only $20.

We carry all major brands of firearms and don't mind ordering a special item or getting a price quote on something not listed on our site. Also, ask us about price matching if you find a better price somewhere else. You can find a list of our common carried manufactures here or a full list of product categories here.

New to buying firearms online? Be sure to read the Things to Know page to get up-to-speed on the process. Its simple!

We can be reached by using our Contact Us page on our website.

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